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How to Fill Out a Bank Deposit Slip for a Company
Banking for your business requires strict record-keeping not only for the purposes of keeping track of assets, but as proof of your business activities, if needed. This record-keeping begins with the deposit of business funds into the company's bank account. When filling out a deposit slip, you want to provide the proper information so that your deposits are applied correctly, as well as being traceable in case it's ever necessary to track down a specific deposited check.

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things you'll need:

    Checks to be deposited Bank deposit slip 1

    Collect all monies to be deposited that day, including checks, cashier's checks, money orders and cash. Note two separate amounts: "cash only," then "other." Count the gathered amount twice to ensure an accurate tally.


    Fill in the date of the deposit on the bank deposit slip using a blue- or black-ink pen for legibility.


    Add your business information to the deposit slip. Include the name of your business, the address and the account and routing number for the bank. Locate account and routing numbers by checking the bottom of your company checks. The routing number is the nine-digit code to the left of the check, with the account number to the right.


    Fill out the deposit type and amount section of the slip. Under the "Currency" section, fill in the amount of case that you counted for deposit. Under the list of checks, enter each check number in the space provided, along with the amount on the check.


    Write the total of the deposit --- the cash deposit and the sum of the checks --- in the "Total Deposits" section to complete the bank deposit slip.


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